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BeFIL is developed in consultation of Nobel Prize Winner Prof. Ferid Murad. Which is world only 184 Nobel Prize winner in the past 100 years.

BeFIL has more than 99% L-Arginine Pharma Grade which is very high purity.

Benefits of BEFIL:

Clean the blood Vassel
1. Dilate the blood vassel
2.Helps to melt the existing plaque
3.Slow down the Plaque formation
4. Keep blood vassels pliable and elastic

Blood Flow
1. Helps to maintain the healthy platelet affregation
2. Boosts and maintains the healthy blood flow
3. Helps regulate blood pressure

Cardiac Bioenergetics
1. Helps to fuels the cardiac muscle
2. Improve the cardiac muscle
3. Promote healthy heart fuction

1.Strong antioxidant and combat free radical
2.Protects NO againts oxidative destruction
3. Enhances the biological actions of NO
4. Protects dndothelial cells and inhibits the vascular damage

High quality product, packed and imported from USA

1 box 15 sachets.
Suitable for people has:

1. Cardiac problem
2. High cholesterol
3. High blood pressure
4. High stress
5. Unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, alcohol)
6. Obesity

Vegetarian can take

BE 推出的产品-???? #BEFil????
由诺贝尔得主协力研制 -Dr Ferid Murad 研究专利销售权(100%美国进口)它含有一氧化氮 (NO, Nitric oxide), 可帮助我们清理我们血管里的血酸,血脂,血斑,等等。。。

BEfil 里含有
1️⃣红番茄萃取物 ????-血流通畅



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